Sharing Interesting Ancestors: Writing Brief Narrative Sketches

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Do you want to share your family history research and enthusiasm with your relatives, but find that their eyes tend to glaze over when you pull out your pedigree charts and family group sheets? Try presenting the information to them in bite-size chunks, one interesting ancestor at a time, using brief, 1-3 page narratives with visual impact. Presented by Karen Fortin. For details see

Are you calling my granddad a liar? Family lore and what to do with it

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Oral family history can be spot-on accurate, or rife with misconceptions. Combining genealogy and pop psychology, we’ll discuss some real examples of family lore that have come up in my research over the years, examine why and how misinformation gets repeated, and look at some ways to tease out the truth in our family trees. For details see

Sharing Your Family History

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There are many ways to share your genealogy research with future generations. But with so many available tools and methods, getting started can be overwhelming. In this class, we’ll cover some of the ways you can share your hard work and heritage with family members. Just in time for family reunions and summer vacations! There’s no cost to participate and registration is required! All registrants will be emailed a Zoom link and instructions a few days before the class. Don’t want to wait? Download the class handout from this calendar listing or check out our website to learn more about PPLD’s other genealogy resources! For details see

How to Date Old Photographs

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Discover how to uncover clues to help determine when a photograph was taken. This class will be held in person as well as virtually via Zoom simultaneously. Registration is required and closes one hour before the start of the program. Please indicate whether you will be attending in person or virtually when registering. An email address is required when registering to attend on Zoom. All start times are Central Standard Time. For details see  

Organizing Your Family’s Best Reunion

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Once you know you want a family reunion, start planning it soon and correctly. In this session, we walk you through the right time for the many details to consider. We cover specific tips and case studies from successful events like using social media and options for budgeting. After following the right steps, you can be confident your reunion will be the best ever! Handout includes a complete planning checklist. Presented by Lori Coffey

Growing Little Leaves: Children and Genealogy

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Get the kids in your family interested about their family history! Learn about fun, hands-on ways in which to engage and teach the children in your life about their ancestors, and why learning family history stories can be beneficial to children and teens. Presented by Emily Kowalski Schroeder. Emily Kowalski Schroeder is the creator and author of the Growing Little Leaves blog. Since 2014, she has designed and presented beginner genealogy and heritage classes for both adults and children. She has also had the privilege of speaking at the Federation of Genealogical Societies National Conference and at RootsTech. She is currently employed as a reference staff member for the Cuyahoga County Public Library system in …

RootsTech 2024

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RootsTech is the premier event to celebrate your heritage and other meaningful connections through a deeper understanding of family history and genealogy.
Come join us and discover your story at RootsTech 2024! Visit for a special offer.

Public Archive Spotlight: The Cohen-Snyder Family Archive

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In 1888, at the age of eighteen, Micheal Cohen came to America. He established himself in New York City and soon sent for his wife, Freida, to bring her from Minsk to Manhattan. Together they would have eight children. Micheal was Jewish and spoke Yiddish as his first language. He was conscripted into the Russian Army, but felt he had “little desire to serve a country that segregated and discriminated against his faith.” Deciding then to leave Russia for America, he sought work in the fashion industry, eventually finding success alongside several of his sons. One of Micheal and Freida’s daughters, Rose, would marry shoe merchant Morris Snyder —also a child of Jewish immigrants from …

Kathy’s Corner: Digitizing that collection of inherited family photos

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This popular monthly session focuses on a challenge for every family historian: Sorting and digitizing collections of inherited family photos and artifacts. Our speaker, Projectkin member Kathy Stone has decades of experience as a professional photo organizer and is now working on her family history projects. As a pro, she appreciates the challenge of actually getting projects done. In these “Corner” events, she answers questions and coaches members as your personal “sherpa over Mt. Inertia.” Our programs build on the 8-step approach she shared in a post and the 2023 Kathy’s Corner series. (Projectkin members have access to event recordings through the Members’ Chat Room in the Projectkin Forum.) Now the focus will be on …