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Assign a unique Archive Steward to each of your archives, depending on who would be the best for each one.
Assign a Legacy Contact to notify Permanent in the event of your passing.
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Permanent works for everyone.

In the Scott Family Archive on Permanent, a shared folder titled "Will's 70th Surprise Party". In the folder are two photos uploaded by Ashley Foster titled "Hannah's Gift.jpg" and "Will and Martha.jpg", a photo uploaded by William Scott titled "Cousins.jpg", and a photo uploaded by Christi Scott title "Surprise Cake.jpg"

Family and Friends

Capture the moment, preserve the memory of your unique traditions, and keep your friends and family connected over time.
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In Art+Feminism's public archive on Permanent, a folder titled Editathon 2023, containing photos and video from a Wikipedia editathon


Tools designed for accessible digital archives and long-term preservation without the perpetual financial and technical burden.
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In the Sam Briggs' Family Archive on Permanent, the Archive Members modal, showing the two members of the archive: Sam Briggs, the archive owner, and Lydia Stone, who has the Manager access role

Photo Managers

For a team of one or a team of many, our features allow for collaborative archive creation and a seamless handoff process for finished projects.
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In the Walsh Family Archive, Permanent's integration with FamilySearch is used to import FamilySearch Memories into Permanent

Family Historians

Auto-generate archives and sync memories using our FamilySearch integration or invite others to help grow your archives for your shared ancestors, piecing together and preserving their stories.
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Permanent works for you.

Preservation, Not Profit.

Backed by a mission‑driven, cultural heritage not for profit organization.
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Pay for the storage you need, when you need it and never lose it.
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Leave a Lasting Legacy

Archive profiles in the Public Gallery are accessible to future generations.
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No Recurring Fees.

Storage fees are only charged once: $10 per gigabyte of storage.
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Triple‑Redundant Copies

Multi‑provider, multi‑region, multi‑tier commercial cloud storage.
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Legacy Planning Directives

Extensive control over how your digital materials will survive you.
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Robust Access Management

Safely collaborate with family members, friends or teammates.
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Upload Any File Type

Archive profiles in the Public Gallery are accessible to future generations.
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Your Data Free to Roam

SFTP access makes it easy to bulk upload and sync.
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End to End Preservation

Original files are never modified and all file metadata is preserved.
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Permanent works well with others.



Auto generate archives and sync memories for your entire tree.

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Organize and share photos from anywhere in the cloud.

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Seamlessly record and preserve oral histories remotely.

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Stream, repurpose and preserve recorded conference content.

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Internet Archive

Back up your records to whenever you Publish.

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Introducing our Public Archive Spotlight

Discover how others are curating their story with Permanent.
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The King Kamehameha V Judiciary History Center Archive

This month, we are delighted to announce the public unveiling of the King Kamehameha V Judiciary History Center Archive. As one of our Byte4Byte partners, the Center has worked tirelessly…

The Ron Vincent Archive

In our last blog post, you saw how publishing your materials in our Permanent Public Gallery helps your loved ones remember you for who you are. Public archives allow you…

Public Archive Spotlight: The I Defend Rights – Memria x Norwegian Human Rights Fund Archive

All people have a legacy that deserves to be preserved. In other words, we believe it is an essential human right to be able to preserve your legacy. A single…

Public Archive Spotlight: The Art+Feminism Archive

When it comes to whose and which stories have been captured by the historical narrative, women have been disproportionately left out. A 2018 survey from Wikipedia across 12 different language…

Public Archive Spotlight: The Cohen-Snyder Family Archive

In 1888, at the age of eighteen, Micheal Cohen came to America. He established himself in New York City and soon sent for his wife, Freida, to bring her from…
January Spotlight: The Unknown Faces Archive

Public Archive Spotlight: The Unknown Faces Archive

Not everyone has equal access to preserving their legacy In our recent podcast episode with our Executive Director, Robert Friedman, we discussed how it has historically been challenging for people…
Archive Spotlight: The Chas. E Martin Archive.

Public Archive Spotlight: The Chas. E Martin Archive 

In a world that moves at breakneck speed, it’s easy to lose touch with our roots, the stories that bind us, and the people who shaped our lineage. The holiday…

Public Archive Spotlight: The Ralph Lonon Sanford World War I Postcard Archive

This Veterans Day, we’d like to spotlight a special archive that captures the experiences of a WWI medic through postcards. Created by Greg Martin in honor of his wife’s grandfather,…
Image of the Talevi Family around a dining room table

Public Archive Spotlight: The Talevi Archive

Announcing our first public archive spotlight Here at Permanent, we are continually inspired by the public archives we see our community create. They help remind us of the historical and…

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