How To Publish Your Files and Folders

Robert Friedman

August 14, 2019
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With Publish, you can create public links for the files and folders of your choosing to share with anyone – even people who haven’t signed up for an account on yet.

So how do you do it?

The Publish action is available in My Files. When you select any file or folder, you will see this option in the action menu. *For the time being, this feature is exclusive to content in My Files. Files and folders from your Apps space must be moved into My Files in order to be published.

Here you can generate a public link that will allow anyone you share it with to view your content without needing to log in or create an account.

Once you have established this link, you will have the option to see how it will look to others or to edit the public copy in the new Public section of your Permanent Archive.

You can remove the link anytime you’d like. Once this has been done, the link you’ve shared will no longer work and no one will be able to view that item anymore. You can always reestablish the link later.

The Public space

When you Publish a private item from the My Files space, we create a copy of it that we store in the Public space.

The original will be retained separately and privately in My Files. We do this so that the lines between what you intend to keep private and what you mean to share are never blurred and you are always in total control of your data.

Because the items you publish are copies, they can have totally independent descriptions, titles and other metadata than the originals in My Files. Editing metadata in Public does not change the metadata of the original source file in My Files.

What can I do in Public?

In Public, you can manage the files and folders you have published and edit the metadata you’d like to make available to others. When a person views the public link for your content, they will be able to see any information you included with your published files.

You can’t upload directly to the Public space, move or copy things into it or create new folders there. The only way to add content to the Public space is to Publish an item from My Files.

However, you can absolutely delete anything you’d like from the Public space. When you delete an item from your Public space, we will automatically sever the link you have created to that item and it will no longer be publicly visible on The original source item in My Files will not be affected and you can always re-Publish it to reestablish the link. Any metadata you’ve edited in the Public space will not be saved or recoverable when a file is deleted, so take care when deleting public items and first consider removing the link instead.

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