Hello Mastodon, Goodbye Twitter

Amanda Meeks

June 30, 2023
Hello Mastodon, Goodbye Twitter

Following Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter in October 2022, we have been slowly migrating our followers over to Mastodon. We’ve made this decision because we value the privacy of the members of our community and want to encourage an environment that values the voices and legacies of all people, as our mission entails. It is our hope that Mastodon will help facilitate the sort of conversations and community that got us all excited about social media in the first place. 

Find us on Mastodon: @permanent@fosstodon.org

Rather than being owned by a single company, Mastodon is decentralized, meaning independent servers make up its platform. Not only is it free and open-source, it also allows us to post using hashtags and build community just like we were able to during the golden days of Twitter. 

“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.” –David Alston

Already on Mastodon, we’ve found a great community of like-minded people who support digital preservation, genealogy, history, and the open source community to name just a few categories. We look forward to connecting with more people and strengthening these relationships through conversations that inspire us and those around us. 

If you’ve decided to ditch Twitter, don’t forget to download your Twitter archive and preserve all of your memories (good and bad) from the platform. Check out our blog post for step-by-step instructions for how to retrieve your data from Twitter.