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We are always working to improve your experience on Permanent. Over the past few months at Permanent, we’ve made it possible to transfer data and storage in some new ways: archives can now have designated “funders,” it’s possible to upload files that are larger than 5 GB through the web interface, and both the original files uploaded and system converted files (or preservation copies) are now available for download. Additionally, our SFTP service is in beta testing and storage gifting improvements are coming soon.

Archive Funders

Have you ever wanted to encourage friends or family to contribute to your Permanent archive, but hesitated because they’d have to pay for their own storage? Owners and managers of archives can now set themselves as the “payer” on that archive (learn more here). Any material uploaded to that archive will use the payer’s storage. We see this as a great way to encourage your archive collaborators to add material without requiring them to purchase Permanent storage themselves. If you and your collaborators don’t set a payer then nothing will change.

Uploading Large Files

Up until now, if you had a file over 5GB that you wanted to upload on Permanent, we asked you to reach out to us for special assistance in doing so. Now, you can upload files over 5GB to Permanent directly through your web browser, just like you would a smaller file. The file will now be safe on Permanent, though you’ll notice that it will not be assigned a thumbnail nor will it be converted to other formats, as smaller files are. Those processing steps are handled separately and will be completed at a later date.

File Download Options

We’re also thrilled to now offer file download in different formats. We convert your files on Permanent into widely accessible formats, or preservation copies, but up until now those weren’t available for download. Now you can choose which format you want to download from Permanent by choosing from the dropdown menu labeled “Download” at the top of the workspace or in the “Info” sidebar. 

Future Data Transfer Improvements

Two final data transfer improvements are still in progress. We have been running an open test of our SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) service for a few months and would welcome more participants. Let us know if you want more information about how to upload and download in bulk over SFTP. 

We’re also looking into ways to make it easier to gift Permanent storage to others.

We value your feedback in our development process. Please reach out and let us know which of these updates are you most likely to use and if there are any other data transfer improvements you’d like to see on Permanent in the near future.

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