Back-up Your Facebook Memories With One Click.

Robert Friedman

June 21, 2018
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Facebook makes it convenient to share any moment with anyone, instantly. However, recent news has made it abundantly clear that with Facebook, convenience is not synonymous with protected, private, or permanent. There is a better way.

You probably know from recent news that Facebook’s outlook is not good. One security lapse allowed Russian hackers to target millions of users with biased pages, accounts and ads. Another allowed Cambridge Analytica to access the private information of over 50 million accounts. There was the bug that made everyone’s private posts public and then there was the deal they made that allowed phone manufacturers to override privacy settings to access information they were explicitly denied permission to.

Recently, Facebook’s attempts to address privacy concerns resulted in a catch 22. On July 26, 2018, Facebook’s stocks opened up at a nearly 20% loss and according to their own Chief Financial Officer, this is only the beginning.

The common, underlying thread behind all these vulnerabilities are Facebook’s for-profit, content delivery, data mining and advertising revenue models that have nothing to do with us sharing and connecting with each other.

Many users are starting to rightfully abandon the service. The next generation is actively leaving the platform in favor of other sites.

The possibility that the resulting legal issues and loss of users could cause its doors to close has become very real. Yes, Facebook could disappear and so could all those moments you shared that are now cherished memories.

3 Steps to Facebook Independence with is backed by a non-profit, historical trust built to be there for the next generation – not prey on it. We’ve created a tool that can easily get everything you’ve uploaded off Facebook with just one click. Move your memories into a secure Permanent Archive, where they will be safe for all time.

STEP 1: Import all of your Facebook photos and videos to

We wanted to make it easy for you to get your stuff out of Facebook right now without having to go back through every little detail first.

You can now import everything from your Facebook in just one click. By choosing the “Everything” button in the Apps section of your Permanent Archive, all of the photos, videos and albums you have uploaded to your Facebook account will immediately begin to import into the Apps section.

Later, when you’ve got the time, you can always move it anywhere else in your Permanent Archive to share with friends and family or store privately for safekeeping.

STEP 2: Form better Facebook preservation habits with

Getting your stuff out of Facebook doesn’t mean saying goodbye. We want you to stay connected to your network. Our goal is to help you form better preservation habits.

So from now on, make sure to add “#permanent” to your Facebook photo, video or album descriptions (or in the comments) to automatically import that content into the Apps section of your Permanent Archive.

You don’t even have to click a button! Our system will scan once a day for newly tagged content. Feeling impatient? You can still click the “#permanent” button in Apps to retrieve that content immediately.

This way you can be selective about what you save permanently and avoid picking through the messy details in the future.

STEP 3: Curate your Facebook photos and videos on

We don’t just want to keep your photos safe, we want to bring them to life. Tell the story of your favorite memories and share them with everyone you care about in a place where they can live forever.

Use the Permanent uploader to choose specific photos, videos or albums to upload anywhere in your Permanent Archive and start curating your permanent digital footprint. You can do this in any folder, any time in the My Files section of your Permanent Archive. is not Facebook

If you wanted to recreate your network of friends and family on, we’ve made that possible. You can share your files and folders with anyone in the world. Make sure to invite people to join you.

However, we’re not trying to replace Facebook, we provide a service that’s never existed before.

We won’t pull your timeline posts or your network of friends nor will we import content that you are tagged in if it is not a photo that you have uploaded. These are all intentional choices, to protect the privacy of you and your loved ones.

We also will never data mine your content, sell your private information to third parties or advertise to you. Our unique nonprofit status makes this possible.

There is no need to try to recreate your Facebook experience in its entirety, you can have the best of both worlds. Keep yourself connected to your network on Facebook and keep your priceless memories safe and protected on

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We were created to be the safe and permanent solution for digital files in a world that can be ephemeral. Our non-profit status allows to put processes in place to ensure that we will exist in perpetuity and that the liberties of our users are protected. Our technology has been created to safeguard your files and ensure that they are accessible for all time.

So many of our memories are digital these days and they’re too precious to leave in the hands of people who steal them, sell them and throw them away.