Byte for Byte Grant Program

The Permanent Legacy Foundation’s mission is to preserve and provide perpetual access to the digital legacy of all people for the historical and educational benefit of future generations. That’s why a core part of our programming is our Byte for Byte grants, which provides free storage to nonprofit partners. By working with nonprofit partners across the United States, Permanent pursues its mission of ensuring future generations receive the diverse and vibrant legacies of past individuals, organizations, and movements.

The Byte for Byte Grant Program distributes 100GB permanent digital storage allocations on to eligible nonprofit partners.

Organizations undertaking the digitization of existing archives are strongly encouraged to apply.

Permanent is an easy-to-use, budget-friendly alternative to traditional Collections Management Systems and Digital Asset Management Systems. Permanent makes it easy for organizations big and small to publish their collections online, all while being accessible to both volunteers and professional archivists.

Rachael Cristine Woody | Professional Archivist and Consultant

Byte for Byte Application Requirements

Organizations that apply for Byte for Byte grant should meet the following criteria. If you feel that your organization is deserving of a grant, but falls outside of this criteria, you are encouraged to reach out to byte4byte at permanent dot org for discussion.

  • Must be a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization incorporated in the United States or one of its territories

How to Apply

Email the following materials to byteforbyte at permanent dot org

  • A brief project overview and description
  • A description of the project’s storage needs
  • Biographical information or a CV for the project’s manager(s)
  • A list of the members of the applicant’s governing board
  • A recent form 990 or IRS determination letter

The Selection Process

Grant review criteria will focus on demonstrated financial need, organizational size, and impact on the restoration of historical equity to groups that have been marginalized or excluded from the historical record. Grants are distributed based on the qualifications of the project and Permanent’s availability of Byte for Byte storage. Participating organizations are expected to create public archives that provide general public access to a significant selection of their collected materials on

Grant Recipients

Blue square typeset logo of Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest
American Muslim Health Professinals Logo
St. Bonaventure University
Blue square typeset logo of Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest
Permanent is a preservation-minded solution that feels intuitive to use while still maintaining archival standards. Permanent makes it easy to share archival materials with patrons, volunteers, and our community.

Alisha Babbstein | Archivist Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education
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Storage Fundraising Tools

All nonprofit organizations with public archives hosted on can leverage their collection mission and Permanent’s platform to fundraise for their own storage.

When a nonprofit organization creates a public archive on, we add their organization to our list of byte for byte participants. When users add storage to their personal or private archives, we offer the option to make a matching contribution to the nonprofit archive of their choice during checkout. Users can specify a nonprofit organization if they already know one, or search our featured archives to identify preservation efforts of value to them.

Nonprofits can also add a “Donate” button to their public archive profile pages to give viewers of their collection an immediate opportunity to contribute. Contributions attributed to nonprofit archives through the donation button will be credited directly to those archives.